Monsoon Mistakes We All Should Avoid


After the sultry summer, we all look forward to the cool and wet weather. The humidity is nerving but it brings along the much needed relief from the heat.
However, this also brings breeding microbes, dampness and infections. Cold and flu spread like an epidemic and almost everyone in the office or bus is sneezing or coughing. As the season changes it is mandatory that we make minor changes in our diet, lifestyle and habits in order to keep fit and avoid sickness. Here we present a list of unhealthy habits that you must avoid in monsoon.

Ignoring fever
A rise in body temperature could be a sign of growing infection in the body or maybe an onset of malaria or dengue. If the fever is mild, it can be brought down by rest in a day or two. But if high temperature persists beyond a day, go see a doctor immediately. He might even advice a blood check to trace microbes.

Ignoring symptoms of infection
Children and adults are at a risk of conjunctivitis and ear infections. If you experience redness in the eyes or piercing pain do not prolong visiting a doctor. Conjunctivitis is a very common infection during monsoon and can be treated. Maintain extra hygiene and avoid rubbing your eyes or touching your face while commuting or in office.

Drinking less water
Since you might not sweat so much and the weather is already cool, you might not experience thirst. But that does not mean your body does not require water. Humidity leads to dehydration in monsoon and it affects the immunity. Drink adequate amount of water. Do not gulp down a glass or two all at once. Take sips of water at frequent intervals.

Binge on fired foods
It is even possible to avoid the plate of hot steaming pakodas while it drizzles outside. Too much of a temptation isn’t it! But this temptation can backfire in the form of acidity and digestion issues. As the weather turns humid, our metabolism slows down. Fried foods exert pressure on the already slowed down system and this can cause acidity. Fried plus hot & spicy takes a toll on your digestive system. This is the reason we should also avoid a heavy meal.

Street food cravings
Lack of sunlight, dampness and humidity provides perfect setting for microbes to breed. Uncovered food attracts flies that act as vectors to spread these microbes. Second most dangerous medium of spreading diseases is water. Street chat, chutneys, juices, ice etc should be avoided. Monsoon triggers spread of water-borne diseases like jaundice and amoebic colitis. Make sure that whatever you consume is piping hot and cooked in a hygienic surrounding. Avoid raw, uncooked, under-cooked and uncovered food.

Oversleeping and skipping fitness routine
Coolness in weather and lack of sunlight slows down our system. We generally feel lethargic and it is difficult to drag the body out of the bed. We would lie down all day. Again the rains outside are an easy excuse to skip the regular walk or gym. This makes us vulnerable to infections as the immunity suffers. Sweating it out is the only way to build and maintain immunity and health in this season. It will also take away the lethargy and keep you charged up all day.

Avoiding vitamins
It is recommended that you start multivitamin medications in the monsoon to boost resistance and fight infections.

A little careless in terms of food or hygiene can dampen the fun of this beautiful season. Make these minor changes and give utmost priority to personal hygiene. Embrace the monsoon in full vigour of mood and health.

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Sushama Chaudhari Dave is an aspiring yogini and writer, who writes passionately about fitness, family health, nutrition, healing etc. She is motivated by the desire to reach out to people through words.

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