Pregnancy Tips For Normal Delivery


At the time of delivery, a pregnant woman is at the edge of her wits and vehemently wishes to get the baby out, whatsoever, as by the labour pains it is unbearable. It is a tricky circumstance because the decision of C-section surgery is promptly considered over natural delivery. Knowing the lifetime side-effects of C-section, a lot of women desire for natural vaginal delivery for healthy post-surgery recovery.

Few of the simple pregnancy tips for normal delivery, below, could do the need and strengthen the women to prepare themselves at the time of decision.

  1. Knowledge – Pre-natal Education
    Knowledge is power—being rightly said so as to be aware of the do’s and don’ts of sensitive aspects of life. “To know” serves as one of most important pregnancy tips for normal delivery. As this so common and natural to women, seeking rightful information from the mothers and grandmothers is convenient and advisable.
    If the similar situations do not apply to one, reading the best relatable books is an option, online videos and guides are easily available, consulting the Health care who is into Normal Child-birth is the best way to be prepared. Application of rightful and befitting measures is necessary as trying out everything mentioned could harm the foetus or might affect the body.
    Information is everywhere, knowing the norms of pregnancy will help in dealing it with ease and comfort.
  2. Excersie or Yoga
    Physical exertive or high cardio exercise is a strict NO for pregnant women. Undertake some moderate exercises to sustain the body-flexibility.
    Consulting a fitness instructor would do good and avoid mishaps.
    Join Yoga sessions, especially conducted for expecting women, as stretching keeps the muscles suppler. Yoga is definitely one of the significant pregnancy tips for normal delivery
  3. Healthy Diet
    Consumption of a healthy balanced, fat free, less sugar, non-junk diet is a must for a normal child birth procedure.
    Keeping fit by avoiding unsaturated fat-foods, utlising fruits and vegetables rich in minerals and vitamins fortify the bones and muscles. As strong body aids in facing the labour and helps in discharging the baby from the vagina.
    The strength could be gained only by the prefect input of minerals and protein-rich foodstuffs.
  4. Destress
    Destress by meditation. Meditate either before dozing as you end your day or after you wake up atleast for 15 min to an hour.
    Working pregnant women should consider destressing at intervals by breathing techniques. The work load could increment the stress that is harmful to the body and baby. Keep it easy by either scheduling the short breaks or decreasing the work load.

  5. Keep it natural
    Do not overweigh yourself by the burden of the fact that is a crucial period of your life. Keep it natural, it is the most natural and common facets of livelihood and living on earth.
    Live normal, be aware, enjoy your moments of the first kick or feeling of a life within the womb.
    Be conscious of thoughts, avoid the negativity, feel eternally fresh and live strong.
    As far are medical tests are concerned, make it minimal, avoid sonography during the last month as it might do harm to the fully-grown baby.

It is indispensable for a mother post-delivery to protect herself for non-conducive weather, follow healthy diet etc., as she would be a source of nourishment to another life. Keeping it as natural as it could sustain is very significant as far tips for normal delivery are concerned.

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Dr. Manju Gupta

Dr. Manju Gupta completed MS (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) and senior residency from VMMC, Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi. Dr. Gupta is particularly interested in fetal medicine and high risk obstetrics. She also has three research papers published in national and international journals to her credit. Presently, she is assocaited with Jaypee Hospital, Noida

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