KEYHOLE SPINE SURGERY – fast recovery, less hospital time

This article has been authored by Dr. Saurabh Rawall, who is a spine surgeon at Jaypee Hospital Noida. He has done his MBBS from AIIMS, New Delhi followed by MS Orthopaedics from AIIMS, New Delhi, India. To know more about Dr. Saurabh Rawal or book an appointment, please call 0120 – 412 2222

KEYHOLE SPINE SURGERY – fast recovery, less hospital time

Increasing number of people are found to be suffering from slip disc or herniated disc. This is a spinal disorder where the cushioning rubbery disc between spinal bones is damaged. This disc is the shock protector for the bones as it absorbs shocks and jerks the bones face in our routine activities like bending, walking, lifting and twisting.

The cushioning disc has two parts: the inner gelatinous soft core and the tough outer ring. Herniated or slipped disc arises when this gelatinous soft core protrudes through the outer ring. This happens when the outer ring is either injured or weak. Slip-disc causes a debilitating pain and discomfort in movement because it tends to compress the spinal nerve in the affected area. The cure for slip disc is rest along with medication. In the most acute cases we recommend a key-hole spine surgery.

About Keyhole Spine Surgery
This is a breakthrough in minimal invasive spine surgery. The term ‘keyhole’ itself explains the size of the incision cut in the back. Keyhole surgery is performed through a cut just as big as a needle puncture or less than 1inch. In an open surgery, the surgeon makes an incision of atleast 5 to 6 inches. Keyhole surgery is performed with an endoscope, a very high definition camera and exclusively designed surgical micro-tools and monitors for indirect viewing. The fragments of the prolapsed disc are slowly removed without any harm to the surrounding tissue.

The success rate of this procedure is around 99% and there are many advantages for the patients.

  • Since it is not an open surgery, there is a lower risk of scarring, blood loss, blood clots being formed or infection. With conventional method of open surgery, over 25 per cent of patients tend to develop scar tissue around the nerves which can cause recurrence of symptoms.
  • Keyhole surgery eliminates the danger of spinal fluid leaking and causes minimal injury to the spinal nerves.
  • The muscle tissues around the affected area are carefully pushed aside. As the muscles in the back are not disrupted, recovery is quicker and less painful. In most cases the patient is able to move freely on the same day of the surgery.

Minimal Invasive surgery or less invasive spine surgery is a technological boon to the field of medical sciences. When conducted with precision, this surgery gives accurate outcomes and renders much shorter hospital time for the patient.

Taking the decision to undergo a spine surgery is very crucial and should be made on a well-informed basis. Talk to you doctor and understand about the methodology, recovery period and post-surgery care.

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Dr. Saurabh Rawall

Dr. Saurabh is a spine surgeon at Jaypee Hospital Noida. He has done his MBBS from AIIMS, New Delhi followed by MS Orthopaedics from AIIMS, New Delhi, India

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