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Restoration of mobility through joint replacement surgery is nothing short of an art. Surgeons need to identify the right kind of implants to use which would suit the age, anatomy, and lifestyle of the patient. The implants are selected in such a way that they perfectly fit, giving the patient the ability and luxury to get back to an active life. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who is also the best joint replacement surgeon in Delhi / NCR offers a number of surgical services to patients encompassing most of the symptoms brought to them to address.

Joint replacement surgery is necessitated by a number of reasons. For instance,sustaining an injury is first on the list of factors. Bone disease, reduced blood supply, wearing out of the joint as a result of wear and tear brought by age, and much more make it necessary for joint replacement to be conducted. An expert orthopaedician advises patients to be mindful of the many symptoms that would indicate they need their joints to be replaced. In the case of knee replacement, increased pain or any kind of stiffness in a knee joint that previously functioned properly is an indicator that may need to be addressed by the doctors.

Other symptoms that would indicate the need to get your knee joint replaced include persistent pain that keeps on recurring over a long period of time despite being addressed using other non-invasive procedures, when medication and the use of a cane don’t provide the desired relief, when the knee aches during and after exercise, decreased mobility that is beyond the patient’s control, and much more. A healthy lifestyle may reduce the risk of damaging a joint. However, when the damage has already been inflicted, specialists advice to maintain a proper lifestyle in order to avoid causing further damage to the joint.

At times like this, it is advisable to seek medical advice. A damaged joint may cause unbearable pain and would constrict the directly afflicted as far as mobility is concerned. The best joint replacement surgeon in Delhi handles every complaint brought to them with a lot of care and expertise. The patients are taken through a series of tests to assess their need for joint replacement looking at all other possible avenues that the problem could be taken care of. This assessment would include a keen reading of the patient’s medical history so as to give the specialist a wholesome view on the issue at hand. The doctor would then make their diagnosis and highlight whether it is necessary for the joint replacement surgery to be conducted.

Jaypee Hospital offers state-of-the-art joint replacement services to its patients. The hospital has a unit that is dedicated to joint replacement offering computer-assisted navigation system based minimally invasive surgeries. This is a big plus to the hospital as it gives its patients the hope of getting back to a healthy lifestyle and an active life after the surgery has been conducted. The hospital total hip replacement (THR), total knee replacement (TKR), total shoulder replacement, and much more which makes it possible for them to handle different kinds of issues that are brought to their attention patients.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a bones and joints specialist at Jaypee Hospital, Noida. The doctor has gone through rigorous training and has garnered unmatched experience in the field with an impressive 5000 knee replacement surgeries to his name throughout his fifteen-year surgical career. The doctor also has a long list of accomplishments and awards. He received the award for the Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Delhi NCR at India’s Most Prominent Health Awards Ceremony 2016. This is testament enough of the doctor’s competence and passion in his craft.

However, joint replacement can be avoided. Let’s be healthy and we would be surprised at how much we could reduce the risk of damaging your joints leading to their replacement.

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