Ensuring Correct and Long-Term Solution for Back-Ache Problems


Back pains have become a menace with every passing day the number of patients seeking chiropractic assistance growing. Backaches are mainly caused by accidents and sports injuries. However, a simple and slight movement may prove to be threatening at other times, like bending over to lift something from the ground. Living a healthy lifestyle is first on the list as a preventive measure against backaches. However, this is tramped by cases of accidents that are beyond our control. An expert spine surgeon advises that a proper lifestyle is important, with or without backaches as it protects against developing further complications.

Expert spine surgeons in Delhi have it that another one of the reasons behind the prevalence of backaches is poor posture. Inappropriate physical conditioning for extended periods of time leads to an imbalanced distribution of force all through the back as well as the entire body increasing the risk of back pains. Prolonged sitting and poor posture have a long list of effects on the body and back pains are just the beginning. Weight gain, joint problems, nerve problems, and much more are among the many risk factors associated with prolonged sitting.

The severity of backaches varies depending on the causes behind them. As a result, finding a solution is also dependent on the complexity of the problem. This ranges from simple medication over the counter to surgery. However, the underlying remedy to back pains is leading a healthy lifestyle. This encompasses both physical and emotional health because as studies have it, poor emotional health may be one of the reasons behind the increasing number of backaches. Specialists also encourage their patients to take part in proper exercise routines that would relieve tension build up in their backs.

In order for the doctor to come up with the most appropriate treatment plan, the patient is thoroughly assessed, medical records went through and the required tests carried out. Percutaneous Neuromodulation Therapy (PNT) is one of the minimally invasive procedures that are used to relieve back pains. Expert spine surgeons in Delhi use this method to the benefit of the patient by adjusting the charged stimulation on the electrodes applied on the lower buttock area. Other spinal issues that would result in severe back pain include a ruptured or herniated disc, spinal stenosis which becomes more apparent as we age as a result of arthritis and other conditions.

Dr. SaurabhRawall is a spine specialist at Jaypee Hospital, Noida. With a track record that speaks for itself, the patients who visit the hospital are guaranteed to be in good hands. The doctor has a number of accomplishments and awards to his name, full testament of how competent he is at his work and service to his patients. He is interested in minimally invasive spine surgery, cost-effective spinal surgery solutions, osteoporotic vertebral fractures, and much more which ensures that if a patient happens to seek spine treatment at Jaypee Hospital, Noida the most appropriate and pocket-friendly solution would be employed. This guarantees patients the correct and long-term solution to their backache problems.

Jaypee Hospital employs the use of top of the range equipment which puts it in the best position to offer conservative and surgical modalities. With the most advanced operating microscopes, computer navigation, computer radiography procedures, and much more the hospital guarantees its patients of being in good hands which would restore them back to a healthy lifestyle.

All said, let’s be healthy. Targeted lower back pain exercises ensure correct and long-term relief to the problem. It is, therefore, important to strengthen and tone the muscles in the lower back area, upper legs and abdomen in order to give the spine and its surrounding muscles support.

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