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Motherhood is a natural boon to women. Although it is a very natural process, except in rare or complicated cases, care needs to be taken as what foods to eat during pregnancy. An expecting female should undertake healthy diet for pregnancy, practice relative Yoga asanas to maintain flexibility, and keep herself stress-free.

Read top 5 foods to eat during pregnancy and especially what to avoid so as to keep the unbefitting intricacies at bay.

  1. Milk and Allied
    –  Dairy products are one of the important pregnancy foods to be consumed regularly by a pregnant woman. Milk products are rich in Calcium, Protein called Casein, multiple vitamins and minerals. These ingredients serve, the pregnant lady and her foetus, with essential nutrients.Milk
    A glass of skimmed milk, daily, lends enough amount of Calcium needed for the redevelopment of bones of both the lives. Skimmed milk is devoid of microbes that may cause diseases and other infections.  The unsaturated fats are eliminated by subtracting the cream from boiled milk.

    Yoghurt or Curd
    Yoghurt or Curd is the most significant food for pregnant woman as it contains probiotic bacteria that aids towards better digestion.

  2. Beans
    Beans are great source of Protein, Fibre and Mineral like Iron, Magnesium and Zinc.Boiled Chickpeas, Lentils, other suitable beans could be alternatively included in the diet for pregnant woman in their varied forms of preparation.
  3. Fruits and Veggies
  • Fruits are best source of Vitamin C and fibrous elements. Intake of a glass of any fruit juice, preferably Orange, Pomegranate, Apple, etc., with low GI score are beneficial. Consumption of appropriate amount of fruits via chewing is also advisable.
  • Leafy vegetables are, again, one of the most vital foods to eat during pregnancy. Spinach soups or juice, Mint leaves with water, other leafies as per available nearby in the market ought to be sincerely administered.
  • Consumption of Carrots, cooked Beetroots, Cucumbers and other veggies are beneficial as they provide the essential Minerals, Folate, Iron, Magnesium and Phosphorus for the growth of tissues and bones of the foetus.
  1. Whole grains
    Whole grain derivative is indispensable for pregnant woman as it is aprovider of good carbohydrates to the body. Carbohydratesare energy resource.
    – Consuming Rotis and Bhakharis (also known as Indian bread) as prepared at many Indian homes must be a regular part of healthy diet for pregnant women
    – Cooked Rice serving with any of the vegetables or lentils soup or curry will be enough for right nutrients and nourishment.
  2. What Not To Eat
  • Unpasteurized Milk
    Unpasteurised Milk contain micro-organisms that may harm the metabolism. The unsaturated fats and unmeasured sugar might result into higher prone zone of Gestational Diabetes.
  • Uncooked And Raw Food
    As it is very significant to keep the bowels clean and clear during the nine-months period, and as uncooked and raw non-vegetarian food is not easy to digest, during pregnancy avoiding these heavy foodstuffs helps a woman to keep it light by keeping the gastric issues away.
  • Alcohol
    Abstain from Alcohol as it is indeed a sin for the growing foetus. Alcohol contaminates the blood that flows from the mother to the foetus.
  • Caffeine
    Extensive intake of Caffeine via tea, coffee and other caffeinated beverages by a pregnant female could lead to miscarriage. Considering the habitual pattern of daily needs, limit the intake until 200 mg of coffee per day.

Drinking umpteen amounts of water and juices, refraining junk food, keeping a regular interval-order of the consumption will sustain the body as fresh and lethargic-free. The balanced diet for pregnant woman is a key to keep herself healthy and in good shape.

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