Risks, Prevention For Chronic Kidney Disease


Chronic kidney disease is one of the most serious medical conditions and can be developed at any age and by patients of any gender. There are several other medical conditions that can increase the chances of developing a chronic kidney disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and a family history of kidney failure. So, besides being aware of your own medical history, you should stay informed about the medical history of your parents and siblings in order to be able to prevent and anticipate the risk of developing a chronic kidney disease.

Avoiding the contact with such a disease is based on a healthy lifestyle and keeping under control your blood pressure and your risk for diabetes. However, kidney disease doesn’t have any early symptoms so by the time you will feel some effects of such a medical condition, chances are that the disease will already be a serious one. But you can ask your doctor for specific investigations at least once a year, that will give you clues and even certain answers about the state of your kidneys and the risks of developing a chronic affection. A serious hint that you should notice as soon as your kidneys send signals to your body is the development of a urinary tract infection and if you noticed such a condition you should immediately seek medical help and follow the suggested treatment.

Eating healthy is a very important aspect when you want to avoid having a kidney disease and try having a diet based on vegetables and fruits while you avoid meat and diary products which are known for causing diabetes and, kidney infections. Having an active lifestyle which may include half an hour of running every day or simply walking as much as you can instead of driving your car, avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol, getting enough quality sleep and controlling your stress level by relaxing and meditating more, are important measures that you can take to maintain healthy kidneys and avoid chronic conditions as well as other diseases that can lead up to this severe medical condition.

A very important aspect to consider when you want to avoid developing a chronic kidney disease is to watch your painkillers intake. Your kidneys can be highly affected by taking too many non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, such as the common used aspirin and ibuprofen. Try not to take painkillers for longer periods of time and try not to reach out to them as soon as you are not feeling to your best. In most cases such drugs are not necessary and migraines as well as local pains can be managed without taking painkillers. However, if you do need to take painkillers to keep some other medical condition under control, follow your doctor’s instructions and check in with them regularly to see if you still need to follow that treatment.

There are many tests that can indicate your doctor your risk of developing a kidney disease but most people don’t consider doing such medical investigations and they continue living the unhealthy lifestyle that they are used to simply because they don’t present any symptoms. But if you do have diabetes or a high risk of developing diabetes, that is enough of a hint and you should check on your kidney’s health regularly. If you already know that you have a kidney disease, and even more important if you know that you have a chronic form of this medical condition, your doctor will most likely provide you two types of treatment: one that will focus on preventing the progression of the disease and another one that will focus on relieving the symptoms associated with this condition.

However if you do suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure as well, these medical conditions will have to be treated first, before addressing the chronic kidney disease because once the underlying diseases are resolved or improved, the kidney disease will be diminished as well and the response to treatment will be a lot better.

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