Diabetes is a human bodily disorder in which the blood-glucose or also called as blood-sugar levels are higher than normal.  This means one has to follow a balanced diet for diabetes; one has to mandatorily keep a check on sugar intake, while consuming daily foodstuffs. Healthy diabetes diet and moderate physical exercises as prescribed by an endocrinologist is way to lead a normal life for a diabetic individual.

Considering that fruits have high contents of glucose, fructose, sucrose and other complex sugars, it is recommended that a patient should consume healthy fruits for diabetes that have low Glycemic Index (GI) levels. GI is a ranking method from 1 to 100. The method indicates how readily the sugar, from the source, is absorbed in the blood. Having said that, it is very significant to avoid processed fruits in the forms of jams, sauces, syrups or canned items. The processed fruits have been losing their several nutrients and mineral during the procedure of its making, also they are readily absorbed in the blood, unassumingly raising the sugar content that follows a strict denial of inclusion in diet for diabetes.

According to the International Table of Glycemic Index and Load, following are the list of healthy fruits for diabetes, placed according to their GI strata, which could be definitely opted over any other sweet candies or desserts to make a platter of healthy diabetes diet.

  1. Apricot
    The fresh fruit of apricot has it all, from Vitamin A to Vitamin C to Potassium. It contains Iron that keep Anemia at bay. Apricot scores 31 GI and thus it is a must-addition in diet for diabetes.
  2. Apple
    Apple a day keeps a doctor away, could not be truer as put, come what may. Apples have a very low GI score—normal-sized apple scores 38. Apples possess calcium, are sodium free, and are very good source of Vitamin C.
  3. Pear
    The juicy and yummiest fruit of Pear is rich source of Vitamin K. Consuming Pears entitles the intake of important element of copper. It scores 38 GI. Considering its low value, a diabetic could definitely relish its sweetness without being concerned.
  4. Plum
    Plum is considered to be a natural laxative that helps in keeping good bowel habits. Plum scores 39 GI. The fruit is especially prescribed for diabetic patients as it helps regulating sugar in the blood.
  5. Orange
    Oranges are highly sourced in Vitamin C as well as Folate and contain least amount of Carbohydrates. The GI score of an orange is 42. They help in developing good immune system.
  6. Peach
    By its colour and texture, Peach is a rich source of Iron and Magnesium i.e. it is effective in strengthening the bones. Consumption of this seasonal fruit maintains healthy digestive system due to varied nutrients-content and dietary fibre. Peach scores 42 GI.
  7. Banana
    Bananas are best for breakfast in order to have a lighter start of the day. Banana is rich in potassium and scores 50 in GI. The fruit, unlike others, makes you full and doesn’t starve you. Banana is a perennial fruit and its umpteen availability, as you step out, renders it as an easy fruit.

Fruits are one of the indispensable foods to sustain the measures of living healthily as they serve to be an antioxidant to our body and by their fibrous content; they keep our bowels steady and clear. According to the studies by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), fruits could be consumed by diabetic patients except of any history of allergies. Pomegranates, Berries, Guava, Grapes are other fruits that could be eaten too, but it is significantly indispensable to check their Glycemic Index levels in order to avoid unsuitable complications.

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