Lifestyle Diseases to Beware of !


Lifestyle diseases are not only for adults. Not to forget, it’s the lifestyle habits of the childhood and teenage that gets us susceptible to lifestyle diseases in adolescence. The modern shift of time with respect to advancing technology each day, reducing physical activity, more luxury giving resources and still no time to spare, have made us fragile to extremely uncommon diseases

The usual but critical lifestyle diseases are:-

  1. Obesity: The most common challenge that became a disease due to ignorance & lethargy. A simple check of your BMI can tell you where you stand. If it is higher than 25, then you fall in the category of obese. Irregular eating, unhealthy eating, stressful lifestyle, reduced physical activity leads to obesity. An overweight person faces troubles relating to breathing, blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc. Obesity embarks all other disease in the body.
  2. Type II diabetes:Obesity is one of the primary causes of Type II diabetes. Type II diabetes is the non-insulin form which develops in adults due to poor eating habits, irregular routines and wrong choice of lifestyle. It has been laid through a research that India has the largest number of diabetics with type II and the number is increasing.
  3. Arteriosclerosis:It happens when the arterial blood vessel walls thicken and loses elasticity. This leads to blood circulation issues, chest pain and even worsens to heart attacks. Arteriosclerosis also roots into obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.
  4. Heart diseases:Any irregularity or unhealthy habit that develops abnormality in body affects the heart. It impacts the cardiac muscles and blood vessels, which can be referred to as a heart disease. Dietary indiscipline, diabetes and high cholesterol contributes to its development in the body.
  5. High blood pressure:Almost a 100 million people in India suffer high blood pressure. The most common reasons for this are stress, obesity, unhealthy eating habits and sometimes genetic factors. A high blood pressure gives a feeling  severe discomfort.
  6. Swimmer’s ear:A continuous use of headphones on a volume louder than it should be results into swimmer’s ear. The symptoms are inflammation, irritation or infection in the ear canal or the outer ear. An extreme of this may even cause permanent damage.
  7. Cancer: Our stressful life has costed us our immunity. This implies that our Blood Cells lose the power to fight the viruses that attack us. This can sometimes lead to irregular cell growth, which can be concluded as cancer.
  8. Stroke: The blood vessels carrying blood to the brain get a blockage, which causes oxygen deficiency in that area of the brain it carried blood to, the result of this is called stroke. High blood pressure, if not taken care of in time with proper treatment, can lead to a stroke.
  9. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: COPD is caused by the permanent obstruction of the airways. The increase in air pollution, individual habit of smoking, etc can worsen this condition.
  10. Cirrhosis: Cirrhosis can be defined as a group of liver disorders. Liver gets severely affected due to heavy alcohol consumption and chronic hepatitis. The criticality of this has increased as alcohol consumption has a general escape on daily basis to deal with stress.
  11. Nephritis: Abnormal functioning of kidneys due to is known as nephritis. There are many reasons of nephritis, one of them being an allergic reaction to a particular medicine or antibiotic.

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Dr. Zeenath Ahmed

Dr. Zeenat completed MD (Internal Medicine) from S.C.B. Medical College, Cuttack. She has worked as a senior registrar in Sadarjung Hospital and G.B. Pant Hospital, New Delhi. She has done a fellowship in diabetes from MVDRC, Chennai. Dr. Zeenat has special interest in diabetes and thyroid diseases.

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