Fashion Items That Make You More Attractive


Fashion is where your look speaks about your personality. It is a choice you make every day in terms of what to wear that portrays so much about your identity. Here we list down certain fashion item that should hold a mandatory place in your wardrobe and will make you look more attractive.

Friends for your feet and goes with most outfit, sneakers are and will always be the trendiest fashion item. Pair it with jeans or dress or a crop top and draw string pants. Sneakers look trendy with an overall mini dress or also an elevated midi dress. They come in different types: Platforms, slip-ons or embellished. Golden or silver sneakers are a must-have for your wardrobe.

Little Black Dress
A staple for every wardrobe, a black dress is the safest choice for most occasions. A cocktail dinner or an evening with friends, this black dress can be slipped on, paired with trendy accessories and you are sure to make some heads turn. Also known by the initial LBD, a little black dress looks modest, comfortable and will never run out of fashion. However, make sure you get the correct fit with the neck line, hemline and flare that highlights your personality. The colour has to be stone cold black. Shades of grey or dark hues with a tint of black do not qualify for the position of the Little Black Dress.

Asymmetric Wear
An asymmetric jacket over a crop-top or an asymmetric kurti will instantly give you the chic look. It is the most popular trend this year and adds a free spirited aspect to your look.

Though a seasonal essential, this accessory is a must-have for every woman. When the weather turns warm a right pair of shades will accentuate your look. But the right pair depends on your personality and features. Latest trends in sunglasses include shades with winged frames, flat-top, rectangle frames and mirrored lenses.

There is a saying “Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world”. Lipstick is an integral part of your handbag. Be it any season or any outfit, a perfect shade just brings together the entire look. More than the other cosmetics, a lipstick makes you look confident and appealing. It might sound too vain but a lipstick actually makes you feel great. Your choice of shade reflects your disposition and the way you represent yourself. In summer go for the matt and bright shades while in winter opt for crème based shades to protect from chapping.

You know you have perfected your style, when you find the apt off-shoulder top or dress. This pattern will highlight your collar bones and also help you hide that peeking belly fat. The trendy version of off-shoulder is the cut-out shoulder pattern.

In the debate between fashion vs comfort, heels stand as a crucial evidence that cannot be side-stepped. Whether you are going for an interview or a night-out, heels have to be personalized as per the attire. Heels give a suave confidence and attention. Heels make you look more slender, pull back your shoulder, enhance your bust and accentuate your posture. Pumps, stilettos, wedges or kitten heels, choose your styles based on your outfit and our ability to carry them comfortably.

Fashion is self-expression. Every occasion demands a different style and style is unique. Do not forget, apart from the dress and trendy accessories, two things that add that final touch to your personality are smile and confidence.

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