Types Of Kisses You Must Try


A passionate kiss can set a whirlwind of emotions and desires within a person. Maybe because our lips are one of the highly exposed erogenous zones of our body. Derived from greek language, ‘eros’ means love and ‘genous’ or genes means producing, an erogenous zone is that part of the human body that is sensitive and if stimulated, it may generate sexual response or arousal. A passionate kiss sets off numerous sensational activities in our body. Not all of us realize, but a kiss can be addictive, because our lips have nerve endings that transmit pleasure. Since, it involves emotions, it gives out strong vibrations. Between partners or lovers, kisses should not be limited for the face, there are many other areas that arouse emotions through a kiss.

A kiss can convey friendship, care, empathy, love and even a signal for passionate love making. Here are 10 different types of kisses that you must try.

  1. The Butterfly Kiss
    It is a very tender and playful kiss that expresses affection. Get your eyes close to the person’s skin, may be cheek, neck or eyes and flutter your eyelashes against their skin. This will cause a sweet tickling sensation.
  2. The Single-Lip Kiss
    This is an evocative kiss and lets the other person know your deep intentions. Subtly suck the person’s lip and sandwich the lip between yours. Go for the lower lip. Remember to be as gentle as possible.
  3. Forehead kiss
    A very neutral kiss which suggests friendship and warmth, this kind of kiss reflects the affections and seals the bond between two people. To make this kiss more intimate, cup your partner’s face in your hands while you plant a soft kiss on the forehead.
  4. The Eskimo Kiss
    This kiss is actually rubbing one’s nose against their loved one’s nose side to side. Parents mostly use this kiss to show affection towards their kids.
  5. The French Kiss
    The French kiss is considered the most well-known romantic kiss as it requires both lip and tongue action. Use your tongue to tickle and gently press the tip of your tongue against your partner’s lips. As your partner opens the lips, softly slide your tongue into their mouth and then pull it back. Let the kiss last a bit longer as your lips are locked together.
  6. Squirrel Kiss
    Use your teeth and your lips while kissing. Be soft and tender though. While you kiss, try nibbling on the neck or collarbone area of your partner. Also, while you are kissing on the lip, gently squeeze your partner’s lip between your teeth. Now, slowly tug at the lip and let it slide out through your teeth. This is sure to send an avalanche of cravings between both of you.
  7. The Earlobe Kiss
    It involves taking someone’s earlobe between the lips and tugging gently. This kiss can be made more passionate by gently rubbing the tongue in a circular motion on the earlobe. It can get the hair on your partner’s nape standing.
  8. The Hand Kiss
    Do not underrate this kiss. It might not evoke hot passion but this one is a sure shot peace maker. To make-up after a fight, sit close to your partner and take their hand. Hold the hand gently but firm and while you plant a kiss on the back of the hand open your lips a little bit and let the kiss linger for few second.
  9. Lizard Kiss
    For lovers who seek passion and the sizzling desire, this types of kiss requires the tongue to rapidly go in and out of your partner’s mouth in quick strokes
  10. Spiderman Kiss
    This most iconic on-screen kiss from the movie Spiderman had all the girls swooning. This is an exciting type, where you kiss the person whose head is upside-down and your bottom lip kisses their top lip.

Kissing is an experience and many partners remember the ‘great kiss moments’. Kissing activates a part of brain that collects sensory information. While kissing all our senses work together to make it an experience. Anyone can be a great kisser, just remember to kiss with passion and be in the moment

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