10 Tips to Age Healthy


Keeping your health good is a very hard work to do. Health decreases when your age is growing. But it is hard to retain your health when your age is growing. Everybody needs to take some momentous actions to keep their health going.

  • Sunscreen Application Regularly
  • Green Tea
  • Lemon Water
  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Avoid use of harsh chemical based makeup’s

Dr. Sakshi Shrivastava
Consultant, Aesthetic & Cosmetic Surgery, Jaypee Hospital, Noida

Exercise: Exercise is the main point how can people be healthy at any age. Walking, running, riding, going jim etc. Every aged people needs to do exercise. 10-18 years old people need to do simple exercise like walking, swimming etc. 18+ need to do some extra exercise like going to jim. And over 60 aged people needs to walk, run at morning and evening which is very working method.

Change eating habit: It will be a hard time for some people because they loves to eat more. But it is not good really. You must eat those food which have food value. If you are over 45. Then control your food habit more than the others. Because more we will eat more our fat will increase. Try to eat vegetables & fruits max.

Give up Smoking: Smoking is a very unsafe method to passing time. Smoke creates censer, stomach problem and such more problems. 15+ aged people are fond of smoking. They things that it is a fashion but it is not. In future it will give us just pain nothing else. To keep your health like your age you must give up smoking.

Engage with others: Engaging with others is a good benefit. You will be learning a lots of topic about your health, and more and more things. But you should have to engage with those person who will be friendly and should have to helping desire.

Health Checkup: All aged people needs to checkup their health and should take steps what the doctor prescribes. Don’t ignore a minor problem. In future it will give you a lots of pain. So take your checkup regularly and fix errors.

Avoid suns: Sun is not good for our health. It takes out our energy and gives us only tiredness. So if you are going outside in the sun, carry an umbrella. Don’t keep your body wet. Which will cause you fever and such other diseases.

Positive attitude: Research shows that those people who have a positive attitude, those people manages a good health even at their old age. Because they keeps smile all the time only reason of their positive attitude.

Sleep: Important is to sleep timely and regularly. It’s important to sleep 7-8 hours per day for all aged people. If you don’t sleep regularly then your health will be damaged and it will create harm to your age. You will become ill and older and sicker.

Diet: Not for all aged people but it is important to maintain diet for 50+ aged people. They have to control their food. Working method is eat light foods in the morning. At lunch eat your heart wishes dishes but you should control. And at night again control and eat more lighter foods like Oatmeal Bread with vegetables.

Brain exercise: From our born to death our brain does exciting works. It improves our ability slowly day by day. If we don’t give exercise to the brain if will cause us health problem. All aged people faces that problem. Most working exercise is relax. And the method is sleeping. It will give our brain rest and will help it to continue for a long time again.

All those important topic will help you to grow your health even at your older age. It’s not matter what age you are. Important is how you do hard work to keep your health fit at your old age.

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