Path to follow during Pregnancy for a Healthy Baby


Pregnancy is the time for holistic transformation of a woman’s life. A detailed and intense care is to be taken of both the child and the mother. We have lots of expert advises come from all the sides of life. But, it is important to get the right advice on diet, fitness, lifestyle, proper care etc.

Below are some of the pregnancy related tips that will help you take better care and have a healthy baby.

  1. Diet: You should prefer diet with lesser sugar and cholesterol content; this will avoid excess weight gain. Make your diet inclusive of vegetables, fruits and nuts in your meals to get the required nutrition .Water intake should be more frequent so as to keep your body hydrated. Try eat homemade and healthy food only, this will help keep your body strong and fight against infection.
  2. Foods to avoid: At the initial stage of pregnancy, the utmost care is important to avoid later discomforts. One must avoid foods with high mercury content, maida, alcohol, caffeine, high fat diet etc.
  3. Do not eat for two Eating for two during pregnancy is an old gone concept. The ideal diet to be taken during pregnancy includes only around 300 extra calories per day for the baby. Overeating will only lead to side effects like, weight gain, hypertension, digestion troubles, gestational diabetes, etc.
  4. Fitness exercises: The most effective pregnancy care is body fitness. Exercises specific to the body needs for this times are beneficial to be followed. They help strengthen the muscles and prepare the body for child birth. Yoga is a form of exercise and fitness that can even be carried till the 8thor 9th month of pregnancy, as advised by the experts.
  5. Lifestyle changes: A disciplined routine with regular time for sleeping and waking up can prove phenomenal to make you feel good and healthy. Adopt the best lifestyle choices for a healthy pregnancy.
  6. Stay stress free: Body executes the growth that mind drives. Hence, it is more important to be mentally happy and emotional peaceful. Keep yourself away from any kind of factors that you think can give you stress. Adopt habits and hobbies that keep you positive, enthusiastic and fresh. Do what you like and what gives you inner contentment. This contentment will keep you relaxed and happy within. Avoid all and any kind of stress and anxiety causing factors.

These pregnancy health tips along with proper advice of your Doctor can give a good and comfortable time to you to let your baby grow healthy and fit. And bring more confidence for childbirth and motherhood.

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Dr. Manju Gupta

Dr. Manju Gupta completed MS (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) and senior residency from VMMC, Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi. Dr. Gupta is particularly interested in fetal medicine and high risk obstetrics. She also has three research papers published in national and international journals to her credit. Presently, she is assocaited with Jaypee Hospital, Noida

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