Pregnancy Fears, You need not to worry about!


Pregnancy is a phase of life transformation and change always makes nervous. Out of this nervousness, females tend to feel many fears during pregnancy, which they should not be worried about. Following are the mere fears that are faced, so read on and heave a huge sigh of relief. 

Fear of miscarriage.
The data determines that less than even 20% of females face miscarriage, therefore t’s unlikely.

Since the body is under immense multi dimensional changes, the confidence and physical health to cope up with the same, induces such thoughts. What maximum can be done is understanding the fragile factors of your pregnancy and avoiding those and keeping healthy.

The terrifying morning sickness fears that the baby is not getting enough to eat.
Babies have the tendency to absorb the required nutrition from the food you intake. Therefore this fear does not exist actually. What is to be made sure is one need to eat small and frequent diets, so that the food supply is regular and the digestion is also undisturbed.

Eating or drinking anything wrong will harm my baby.
It is important to follow a schedule of regular and right diet. But it is to be understood that once in a while if something gets disturb our regular schedule will balance it out. Therefore it is to be understood that regular eating is more impactful and important than the seldom mistakes that take place.

Stress is harming the baby.
Thinking like this is just like stressing over stress which actually is useless. An exerting or taxing day or even a week is not going to do any harm because studies have proven that the intermittent stress that we face is what our body gets used to , which does not impact us much. So, nothing to worry about stress.

The baby will have a birth defect.
Studies have shown that it’s only 4% of the babies that are born with any birth defects. Therefore frequent or over cautious pregnancy tests just to confirm baby’s health are really not required.  A defect or anything such can easily be avoided by mother’s eating well and keeping fit. So concentrate on that and not the fears. 

Labour will occur too early.
Premature birth by data is just 13%. And even 70% of babies out of these are born in 34-36 weeks. Therefore, there is nothing much to worry about this. But to be on a safer side, one can be conscious of eating habits, proper nutrition and regular follow ups checks. This can help to identify and avoid any developmental complications causing premature birth.

Not losing the baby weight.
Pregnancy weight can be reduced by following proper means and ways. It is a natural weight that a female gains to cope up the physical need. Post delivery at the right time with appropriate ways, one can shed off those extra ounces. 

Developing pregnancy complications.
Complications like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, obesity etc., are well in your hands. Keep in touch with your Doctor, understand your body tendencies and follow diet and medication accordingly. A little awareness can keep away from any such situation. 

Sex will never be the same again.
The body undergoes immense changes. Therefore, it’s advisable to give time to body to heal and be normal again. The baby needs will keep you low on such desires, but with time you will also feel the drive. Consult your Doctor as it may feel uncomfortable initially., but once the Doctor gives a go ahead, you can lead to normal life. 

Reaching hospital in time.
Be less apprehensive and more practical when it comes to time. Consult your medical instructor, have emergency contact with you, have someone around you 24 hours and make a trial run to the desired hospital, these hacks will go you confidence and also an idea about your preparation and time required in the emergency.

I will not make a good mother.
Our life prepares us for various challenges and phases we go through. Therefore the child birth, the time spent with the baby, will naturally bring the motherhood within you. Once you will start dealing with the baby you now the ways and means with which you can give a strong upbringing to your child.

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Dr. Manju Gupta

Dr. Manju Gupta completed MS (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) and senior residency from VMMC, Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi. Dr. Gupta is particularly interested in fetal medicine and high risk obstetrics. She also has three research papers published in national and international journals to her credit. Presently, she is assocaited with Jaypee Hospital, Noida

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