Insomnia… Finding sleep at home!


Good health begins with good sleep. Insomnia can be understood as absence of a sound sleep on continuous or intermittent basis, without any proper identified medical reason. The shortest way could be taking a pill or a light sedative. But then this is to be understood that this cannot be a cure.

Sleep is as important and needed as activity for the body. Lack of sound and right sleep has been found associated with diseases like diabetes, depression, hypertension, obesity, etc.

When you do not get right sleep, following are the home made natural remedies that can lull you to a sound sleep:-

  • Cow milk collected at night: The milk collected during night time have high amount of tryptophan and melatonin, have said researchers. It’s a naturally occurring hormone that helps regulate the sleep and wake cycle. This aids a sound sleep without any sedative or pills.
  • Turmeric milk: Insomnia can be well treated with a glass of warm milk with turmeric. Turmeric induces calmness, relaxes the body and makes you feel sleepy. This happens as turmeric produces amino acid tryptophan in higher amounts. Also turmeric works on your immune system and runs healing phenomena within the body. Therefore giving you healing sleep.
  • Tea from Banana peel: This is prepared by cutting the banana in a half, along with the peel. Boil this in water for 10 minutes. Drink this water. Banana and teir peels have plenty of electrolytes magnesium and potassium, which contain tryptophan, which aids sleep, as tryptophan converts into serotonin in the brain.
  • Nutmeg Milk: It helps you have a Good Night’s sleep as it promotes the production of serotonin. A pinch of nutmeg powder in warm milk can actually induce sleep and help you have a relaxed night.

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