Health Problems that Ruin Sex Life


Sex is the best thing that was ever granted to us – the mankind. Life comes with great adventures and escapades. A no-strings attached fling can bring in great experiences and result in forming life-long relationships. The only fear is diseases and infections that can arise due to carelessness or just sheer bad luck! But can this be the only cause? No. Regular sickness can indeed affect one’s sex life. It can affect you in very many ways that you wouldn’t normally associate with a good sex!

Sex can, and probably would, fail to be the first thing on your mind when you fall ill or get sick. But sickness that is terminal does have its effects on your sex life. This effect can be physical, psychological and health related. It’s, therefore, advisable that you seek regular check up to make sure that you are in a good shape. But, there is a lingering question in everyone’s minds; how can our mental and physical well-being affect our sex lives? Read on to find out just how:

  • Depression: Sexual desire is the key to achieving a healthy sex life. The brain controls all actions related to the body including erection. Depression is a condition that disorients and damages the normal body functions, and hence leads to sexual dysfunction. Medicine can help but some prescriptions kill sexual desires and reduce arousal.
  • Diabetes: Sugar levels in blood are vital to determine ones health. Uncontrolled levels can cause numerous complications and bring about problems like sexual dysfunction. Statistics shows that nearly 70% of all men suffering from diabetes have erectile problems in their lifetime. This is because blood flow to the penis is affected. It also causes nerve related problems hence inefficient nerve reflex in erection.
  • Back pain: The back bone is an essential part of the human body that can improve or deter your performance during sex. People suffering from back pain have low sex performance when compared with healthy living people. It’s therefore important to keep doing regular exercises and keep their body in great shape.
  • Vascular diseases: Blood flow plays a crucial part in obtaining erection in men. Diseases like hardening of the arteries or varicose veins can deter erection in men making them feel inefficient. Women suffering from this too experience insufficient lubrication.
  • Anaemia: Anaemia affects sex life, just like back pain, as they both cause weakness in their victims. However, this can be easily corrected by lifestyle change.
  • Menopause: As inevitable as this may be in women, proper counselling and treatment can help. Menopause causes hormonal fluctuations leading to problems like loss of sexual desire.
    Should depression be the cause of your unhealthy sex life, it’s important that you ensure treating this first before you consider other ailments that may be affecting you. Depression is the main cause of unhealthy sexual lives. People with this condition take long to orgasm, find sex unenjoyable and lose their desire for sex. Sexual arousal starts with anticipation of pleasure which can be lost when someone is depressed. Patients should not assume a change in sexual function as bad.

Controlling these problems is easy and one should maintain regular checkups with his/her doctor in order to make their lives safe and their sex enjoyable. Regular exercise is also important to achieve great sexual performance.

Healthy eating also improves health by improving blood flow to the body, making normal body functions efficient and proper. Lower back pain has very bad impact on your body when it comes to your sex life. One may avoid sexual advances due to this limiting factor.

When someone realise that their sex lives are unhealthy they can exhibit many symptoms that, if not well controlled, can further affect their sex life:

  • Low Self Esteem – Unhealthy sex life can lead to lowered self-esteem which may lead to bad relationships. Relationships are meant to improve a person, and not make them feel depressed. We should always try our best make sure our relationships are healthy as this would improve our self esteem.
  • Mood Swings – unhealthy sex life will always make us question relationships and our partners. It is hard to keep a relationship where you are easily branded as dispensable. Emotional instability is a turn off in a relation and it makes it hard to maintain one should someone have this character.
  • Stress and Drinking–Unhealthy sex life can cause stress and drinking which is bad for sex as it impairs judgement and also affects ones health. Excessive drinking can cause further problems to your health which will definitely affect your sex life.

It is important to note that keeping healthy is the key to having great sex life. So make the doctor your friend and go for a check up today!!

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