What is Brain tumor? – Is it one type of cancer?


There are lots of people who have misconception about the Brine tumors and Brain cancer. Though they are related but they are not same. It’s important to understand the type of Brain tumors and what are the stages which turn in to cancer.

Our body includes millions of cells and each cell performs unique function. When these cells are out of control, they divided in any order and rate as well. The extra cell which is originated from mass or tissue in the body is called tumor.

Types of tumor

Benign Brain Tumors – This type of tumors can be removed and there is a chance to reoccur again. This type of cell does not include cancer and do not included with tissues. Due to the pressures in vans and nerves, this type of tumors occurs!

Malignant brain tumor – This kind of tumors are cancerous. They are deadly and they grow rapidly. And their roots are adjoining with organs and tissues rapidly.

Primary Brain tumor
This type of tumor originates from the Brain. This tumor starts from the cerebrum, which is the main part of the Brain. There are some tumors which can start from the spinal cord or from membrane in the Brain. Tumor can be originated from the glands as well.

This is another type of tumor which is originated from the brine and spread within the Brain and reaches to the spine cord. There is a rare chance to spread to other parts on the body. As per medical science, approx 80% malignant Brain tumors are known as Gilomas. They originate from the glical cells which are situated in the central nerve systems.

Gilomas included four grades

  1. Grades I and 2 are considered less risky tumor because it grow slowly and least malignant.
  2. Grade 3 and 4 are high grade. Grade 3 tumor is like malignant and it grows comparatively slow whereas grade 4 is glioblastoma type and it grows very fast.

Based on proper place of the tumor, the gliomas are described as –

  1. Gilomas increasing in the lower part of the Brain and most of children’s are affected with this category. The brine cell includes with the cerebellum to the spinal cord.
  2. Tumors which are originated from the cerebellum are called as cerebella strocytoma. It is one of the important parts of the Brain which is control the body balance and coordination.
  3. This type of gliomas develops in the parts of the eyes. The people who have more than 10 years age, they are affected more.

Basically, as per type of tumor, size of the tumor and its growth depends on the success of the operation. And it also depends on the patient age, if they have any other illness or not, their heart condition, etc.

Secondary Brain tumor
It is one of the dangerous tumor types and it originates any part of the body. This type of tumor cancer type and it includes cancer cells. It cancer cells, travel all over the body with the blood flow. These cells can be lodge in the Brain and grow with a new tumor.
Cells from cancer of the breast, lung, stomach, kidney, and skin can reach to the Brain.  This is one of the complicated forms of tumor and need proper treatment to identify the proper location fast. If the origin of the cancer was in the kidney, then it included with the kidney cells. The chance of overcome from this disease is quite tough as it connected with the Brain. They can easily reach other parts of the body and cancer grows easily. The complications are increasing firstly and it is quite tough to predict the outcome.

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