Top 10 Baby Care Tips For The Summers


Summers are on its way, so are the related worries. The terrific heat of summer brings in the health complications, particularly skin related, and toddlers are the most affected ones. Being a parent nothing could bug you more than seeing your kid getting uneasy with the changing temperature conditions. And here are some handy tips which can be quite beneficial for you while taking baby care during summers.

  1. If your little one relishes spending time in the water, set them for the lukewarm water bath, twice a day. Make sure the water is not hot. Heat takes away the natural moisture of body. So, follow the 10-15 minutes of time routine, the less usage of soap, once in a day will do. Because, overuse of water and soaps can wash away the natural oils of the body, can be harsh on the delicate skin of your baby, causing rashes, dryness, and irritations.
  2. Make sure to clean the pits, finger grooves and feet to avoid bacteria that cause rashes, a common issue in summers due to sweating. And apply skin-friendly moisturizer to retain the moisture loss during the bath.
  3. If you want to use talcum powders to avoid sweating, dab a little quantity on your palms, away from the baby’s face so (s) he doesn’t inhale and then massages gently over the body. Don’t use the prickly hit powders, they are harsh on the baby skin and can cause burning sensation and irritability.
  4. If you like to massage your kids, make sure you wash off the extra oil from the body, as it can thicken the pores and causes more sweating and skin rashes and irritations.
  5. Avoid going under the direct sun during peak hours (12:00-4:00pm). The skin of little kids is over sensitive and can be easily damaged by direct sun exposure. If you are planning to give your kids a sun bath for vitamin D, try taking a walk half an hour after sunrise, as sun rays are least harmful during early hours. It is recommended to keep your kids in cool, body bearable temperatures.
  6. Do not take your kids out in dust areas as dust can accumulate on the skin over the sweaty body, coagulating the pores and causing skin irritability.
  7. Use of a sunscreen with a good SPF before going out can help a little in preventing the heat effect. Consult a Pediatric specialist before applying any cosmetic product over the sensitive skin of babies.
  8. Use diapers only when needed. Baby’s skin needs to breathe more, especially in summers. And frequent use of diapers can give those nasty nappy marks making your kids go madly irritated in pain.
  9. Use loosely fitted, properly aerated, soft cotton clothes for avoiding skin related issues.
  10. The mounting summer heat, of course, causes sweating, and dehydration. If you are a lactating mother, feed your kids more to prevent water loss, others follow the fluid rich diets.

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