How Hypertension Affects Your Body?


Hypertension occurs when the circulation of blood via blood vessels is at a higher speed than the usual. High blood pressure can eventually damage the walls of blood vessels as well as the arteries. This gives rise to fatal complications including death if not given proper medical attention.

Effects of Hypertension on your body
High blood pressure or hypertension has acute effects on various systems on your body which are as follows:

Circulatory System
High blood pressure damages are gradual and slow. If left un-diagnosed for a long time it can be fatal. The pressure on the arteries and the blood vessels walls increase with the increased blood flow. The extra stretching initiates damage. Damage at first commences in the form of small tears. These tears gradually form unhealthy cholesterol which accumulates against the walls making them narrow.

Thus, as the passages get confined, blood flow is restricted. Insufficient blood flow via a blocked artery can damage a particular organ. In case of heart, it will lead to irregular heartbeat, chest pain, heart attack or massive cardiac arrest.

Hypertension is one of the major causes of the aneurysm. In case of such syndrome, a swell is formed in the damaged artery. The swell is usually not taken care of until it is large enough. When large it can cause pain or sometimes burst. If it happens in any primary arteries it is fatal.

Respiratory System
Arteries present in the lungs can also get damaged like the ones in the heart and the brain. Pulmonary embolism is a condition when the artery stops circulating blood to your lungs. Such circumstance requires urgent medical help. An aneurysm can occur in lungs as well.

Loud snoring and improper breathing at night happen due to sleep disorder or sleep apnea. Studies have concluded that people with sleep disorders are generally diagnosed with hypertension.

Nervous System
Hypertension has a prominent role of the cause of cognitive decline and dementia. Insufficient blood circulation to the brain will reduce the capability of memory and instigate problems related to thinking.

The larger the blockages in the arteries of the brain, the more are the chances of stroke. Blood comprises oxygen.  Lack of oxygen supply to the brain will, in turn, lead to the death of cells.

Reproductive System
When hypertension or high blood pressure affects the sexual organs such as vagina or penis sexual dysfunction occur. Men suffering from such disease may face difficulty in maintaining and getting an erection. On the other hand, women will face:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Difficulty having orgasm

Skeletal System
A bone disease like osteoporosis will lead to loss of bones. Hypertension will allow more calcium to flush out of the body through urination. Osteoporosis increases the chances of bone fracture.

Hypertension brings in damages to your body gradually and without any noteworthy symptoms. Thus it is suggested to maintain some basics like regular exercise and healthy eating habits. Besides, you must check your blood pressure at regular intervals.

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