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As a child, we have all wanted a nice shiny bike/cycle and it was fun getting around, making us feel independent. As we became fitness conscious we sought out state-of-the-art gyms, super qualified trainers, and fitness clubs, but ignored cycling. The most convenient and value for money form of exercise. Cycling is an aerobic style workout that strengthens the lower body muscles, abs, heart and reduces the waistline.

Cycling improves flexibility & stamina. It helps in giving strength to the muscles & is the best form of cardio activity. It also improves coordination & it helps in focusing.

  • Dr. Ramesh NR
  • Senior Consultant, Department of Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

Cycling is extremely beneficial and here is how you can pedal your way to a healthier tomorrow.

Burn fat, lose weight
20 mins of cycling daily is an efficient, low impact cardiovascular exercise. It helps you burn fat steadily and toughens the muscles, especially the calf muscles, hamstring and ankles. Cycling also burns calories and reduces the risk of chronic ailments.

Mental Health
Research suggests that cycling helps new cell development in the brain and boosts the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. Outdoor physical activity is beneficial in fighting stress, anxiety and depression. Cycling drives mood revitalization, a rise in energy level and bring a positive mindset.

Saves time
It is the most efficient form of workout that fits in an over-scheduled routine. You don’t have time to be regular at gym, cycle atleast 20 mins each day. You can commute to work on a cycle or cycle to the supermarket.

Healthier bowel movement
Cycling decreases the time taken for food to pass through the large intestine and the increased blood circulation stimulates contraction of intestinal muscles, easing the bowel movement.

Sound sleep
Cycling makes you sleep better. Adequate and sound sleep is very important for good fitness and a good workout will increase the quality and duration of a sound sleep. Cycling, especially early morning or in the evening will cause a rise in body temperature during the ride. After the ride, the body temperature will drop down slowly and the muscles relax inducing sleepiness.

Best for children
For a healthy growth and development, children have to be physically active. It is as much important as good food and nutrition. If children pursue regular cycling, their muscles will begin to tone quite early. Cycling will improve overall fitness, enhance deep breathing technique, stamina, coordination skills and also channelize their energy.

Pregnant mothers can cycle too
Women can pursue moderate, low intensity cycling even during pregnancy. It will keep the blood pressure regulated, help them control the mood swings & stress and can reduce swelling in feet. It is best to inform your doctor and avoid hot days for cycling. Take frequent breaks while cycling and keep yourself hydrated.

Live long, live young
Those who exercise regularly can avoid the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Moderate and regular cycling activates the immune cells and equips your body to fight infections and aliments. Cycling creates an environment in your body that supports collagen, which reduces wrinkles and slows down aging.

Cycling can also be a family activity. You can add a buggy or a bike seat for the toddler and enjoy the ride. Cycling out in the open is much more beneficial because you get exposed to sunlight. It is utmost necessary that we make cyclist-friendly roads and promote this activity. Apart from controlling pollution and fuel consumption, it will help us encourage healthy community living.

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