Warning Signals of Brain Tumor


Brain Tumor raises signals depending upon the size of the tumor, its growth, the level of malignancy and location of the tumor. As the Tumor grows it creates pressure on the nerves and adjacent tissues which gradually destroys these cells.

It is the location of the tumor that leads to the intensity and type of symptoms. In few cases tumors grow far from the critical brain areas, therefore they are difficult to locate as they do not give any signals. But once they reach a significant size required for giving signals, these can be detected. It is only when a tumor grows around a crucial brain area it can be detected at an initial stage.

Tumor expands like a mass in the limited area of skull, which puts pressure on other parts of the brain and their functioning. Therefore, leading to numerous symptoms and even life-threatening conditions. In case the affected area is dealing with hormonal balance, the symptoms are spread throughout the body.

Cerebrum is the largest part of the Brain. It comprises of two parts which store various set of information and data. The cerebrum executes decision-making by coordinating between these two parts. A tumor in this area directly affects the sensory function and memory.

Brain tumor has certain generic symptoms which are warning signs from the Brain, these are:-

  1. Headache: This is surely not the routine headache one gets due to stress or internal imbalances. It is a recurring, deep, dull headache. The pattern of headache keeps changing. Headache is not a initial symptom as it occurs only once the tumor has reached a significant size.
  2. Seizures: They always signal that there is something wrong in the body. As the tumor expands it covers space around and pressurizes the adjacent brain neurons. This disturbs the brain neurons and makes them respond aggressively and they lose control. This leads to abnormal movements in the body. These movements cannot be controlled by the person suffering. A Seizure strike can be in any possible form like jerking, muscle flexing in the limb or face or entire body convulsions. This is a crucial condition demanding immediate medical attention.
  3. Numbness: A Tumor suppressing nerve control of limbs causes numbness and weakness of limb muscles. When the tumor forms in the brain stem which is connected to the spinal cord which further shoots nerves to the limbs, this condition becomes prominent.
  4. Nausea: Abnormal nausea or sudden vomiting could also be a symptom of brain tumor.
  5. Faulty vision: The affected individual feels sensory variations in vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell. It can even lead to loss of partial or complete vision.
  6. Personality change: In case these symptoms make a cumulative occurrence, it can highly impact the overall personality and behavior of the person is altered. Forgetfulness, Memory troubles, aches become intermittent hindering the routine working of the individual, hence leading to irritation and stress. Moreover, the loss of control makes the person helpless. This can cause sudden outburst of anger, aggression and even impulsive sex drive.

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Dr. Rattnani is experienced in performing various minimally invasive procedures of spine like microdisectomy & TLIF, removal of spinal tumor with tubular or port system. He is also experienced in performing endoscopic brain surgeries like pituitary tumor ,3rd ventriculostomy and minimally invasive surgeries like brain tumors removal hematoma evacuation, aneurysm clipping & vast experience in performing head injuries

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