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Modern & sedentary lifestyle has made back pain one of the major problems in people across all ages. Most of the people are not even aware why they are suffering from back ache and many of them don’t even know how to deal with it. Statics shows that only 10% of these people have been able to get rid of continuous back pain issue. It requires hard work and proper exercise schedule to overcome back pain problems.

2-3 days of absolute bed rest is very helpful in totally offloading the spine to allow it to heal. Thereafter, gradual spinal exercises and physiotherapy sessions under supervision of a trained physiotherapist is the best way to get back in shape. Maintaining a correct posture is essential to make sure there is no recurrence of back pain.
          – Dr. Saurabh Rawall
          – Sr. Spine Surgeon, Jaypee Hospital, Noida

Being physically fit is the key to deal with back ache and exercises mentioned below can help you curbing this bad pain.

Lying on floor: A basic exercise is lying flat on the floor, flex your knee and your body. It is also known as isometric exercise. Push your spine towards the floor. While pushing your spine towards the floor hold your breath for 5-10 seconds and then relax a while. After that repeat the process 10-15 times. And do this exercise multiple times a day to get relief in back pain. Make it a regular habit to overcome the back pain.

Embrocation: Embrocating means massaging your spine. You can use any massage oil for comfort. If you don’t want to use any massage oil then also it’s ok. Tell your partner to massage your spine and to press your spine several munities a slightly circular motion and then relax. If you feel pain ask your partner to enhance the pressure. The figure pressure must be soft and enjoyable. You can do it yourself or you also can go to massage giving companies. They have a lots of trained massagers to help you.

Sit Straight: Many people don’t sit straight or obey a right posture which has bad effects on your back creating back pain. Most of the times, you should use wooden chairs to sit on making sure your feet are flat on the chair and your knees are at a 45-degree angle. All these will help you to improve your back pain.

Walking: When you are walking, keep in mind that you must make your body straight. Also walk comfortably. When you are walking, move your hands a little. (Not much!! Because people will think that you are a mad. So be careful.) Make your footsteps a little bigger. Because it will create comfort and it is a class of exercise.

Child’s pose: It may sound funny but try sitting on your toes and lay down and touch floor slowly and stay in the position and take 10-15 breath. May help you in getting relief in back pain.

Pigeon pose: A difficult yoga for new learners. Fold your legs and sit relax. Then take one leg back and make it straight. Try to flex your spine and relax for 10-15 seconds.

Triangle pose: Stand straight and take your left foot about 3-4 feet. Now, try to touch your right foot with right hand. Do it multiple time and relax.

Dog pose: Get into position as dog walks and push your spine below. Take your head up and up. Pause that position for a while and then relax. Do it some time and again relax.

Upward pose: Another difficult pose to handle. Stand straight and fold your spine and take your head to your feet. Do not fold your legs. It should be 90 degree angled. Unless it will not work. That’s why it is difficult.

It’s important to keep doing these and any kind of exercises to keep your body fit. If you don’t get time, try to it twice in a week. Make it a regular habit & do the exercises regularly.

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