Back Ache Triggers


Back Pain is one of the most common lifestyle challenges we encounter. Studies show that 8 out of 10 people face back ache frequently. Sometimes, such ache subsides on its own and sometimes with rest. But, it is to be understood that a back ache that has prolonged for 6 weeks or more is chronic and needs immediate medical attention.

Reasons of back ache can be from anything simplest to the most complicated. Therefore, for right treatment it is too important to have the right diagnose. Structure of a Human spine is complex. It is built up of Bones, Discs, Nerves and Muscles (soft tissues). Surprisingly, the Muscles carry 70% of Body weight whereas the Bones carry only 30% of it. But damage to any of these four can lead to back ache.

The most common Back ache triggers can be understood as follows:

  1. Muscle strain or Weaknesses: Frequent strenuous activities like bending, twisting or lifting weights, etc. can cause back ache due to muscle strain or sprain in the back.
  2. Nutritional Imbalance: Deficiency of mandatory nutrients like vitamin D, Calcium etc. Can cause wear and tear of spine structures, which leads to pain.
  3. Disco related pain: Discs are the shock absorbers between the two bones. Also these absorb the mechanical friction between the two bones. Excessive pressure on the discs can cause it to bulge or rupture leading to severe pain.
  4. Postural strain: Prolonged postures, be it any, with lesser or no breaks and no physical activity can cause back ache.
  5. Degenerative disc: Degeneration of discs in the spine creates added stress on the spine, hence causing backache.
  6. Arthritis: Arthritis and its related conditions vary as per its type. Therefore, the effect on the spinal bones and its supporting muscles may differ but is certain in arthritis. And the intensity of backache is in accordance.
  7. Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a condition of weak bones. Therefore, weak spinal bones are painful. Also, if undiagnosed for long it can often cause fracture in the spine.
  8. Stenosis: A condition when the canal through which the spinal cord passes, narrows, hence causing back as well as leg pain.
  9. Antenatal and postnatal Period: The structural and hormonal changes of complete pregnancy cycle lead to antenatal and postnatal pains. These changes lead to additional pressure on the areas of spine, causing pain.
  10. Nerve impingement: Back ache can also occur if a nerve travelling from spinal cord to legs gets pinched. This can happen due to any reason like disc pressure, bone changes or any other tissue change in the back.

Any extreme symptoms along with back ache like numbness, weakness, soreness etc., or any trouble in walking regular movement, then a medical expert should be immediately consulted.

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