Viral fever is generally caused by viruses released into the air from an infected individual. The symptoms of Viral fever include a sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, cough and running nose. These symptoms can persist for a week or more if you are not treated.

Treating viral fever is quite easy by popping in some antibiotics. The pills can serve you with an instant relief. Having said that, certain home remedies can also be opted over administering synthetic medicines.

  1. Tulsi leaves
    Tulsi is a medicinal herb. The plant either is directly chewed or mixed with tea or acts as a garnishing element on salad. Due to its medicinal properties, Tulsi quickly heals viral fever by destroying the viruses present in our system.
    Tulsi is easily available in the market or you could grow a plant on your balcony. Take some leaves of Tulsi, clean it, and chew daily to stay away from virus, bacteria, and fungus. It is one of the great home remedies of viral fever.
  1. Ginger and Honey
    Ginger is a great antioxidant. Ginger could be directly eaten or could be mixed with juices. Ginger tonic acts on the temporary viral fever. Ginger tonic is made by grating them and adding honey to it. The mixture is heated by placing the bowl in hot water. The warm tonic could then be stored and consumed daily to get rid of the ailment.
  1. Coriander seeds
    Coriander seeds are very effective. The seeds are also used by mixing in a normal tea to affect the temporary disease.
    Coriander tea is prepared by mixing the seeds in hot boiling water. The solution is then kept covered for a while to form a well-blended solution. Consume the hot tea to acquire rightful benefits.
  1. Garlic
    Crush 5 to 6 cloves of garlic or consume the chopped pieces directly during your meals. Garlic has greater benefits in keeping the blood pressure normal. Considering the strong odor and taste of the Garlic, mix or crush the cloves with curd. Although curd is not recommended for viral fever, opting plain garlic is always the appropriate method.
  1. Cinnamon
    Cinnamon is a strong condiment, used for adding a flavored taste to any food one chooses to consume. Cinnamon possesses antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Thus, it has the capability of solving health problems like a sore throat, cold, and cough, etc.
    Prepare a mixture of one tablespoon of honey with a half tablespoon of ground cinnamon. Consume the mixture thrice a day for consequent three days. This will definitely turn out to be a perfect viral fever home remedy.
  1. Herbal teas
    Herbal teas, when consumed hot from the stove, will deliver a great relief from the prevailing symptoms of viral fever. Green and herbal tea contain an effectual antioxidant known as Catechin. This substance forms a beneficial medicine for viral fever. Herbal tea also helps in releasing mental and physical stress, which helps in getting back to our normal condition quickly than before. Prepare a cup of green tea and drink it hot to achieve the benefits.

Although Viral fever is easily curable, seeing a doctor is essential if it persists for more than a week.

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